Forgive us, Old Man

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Editor's Commentary:
On May 11, we received and posted a video from Zaporozie, Ukraine. [here] The video was taken May 9, and showed the annual celebration and parade known as Victory Day. This day is to honour the memory of the sacrifice and victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War (known outside Russia and Ukraine as World War II).

But on this May 9, the Ukrainian authorities issued an edict forbidding the celebration. As you can see from the video, one lone man defied the order.

On May 13, we posted an article by Victoria Parker [here] about the slaughter of unarmed citizens in Mariupol, Ukraine, along with videos putting the lie to Barack Obama’s assertion that the problem was caused by pro-Russian separatists.

What follows is Victoria’s reaction to that earlier video.

— prh, Editor
Axis of Logic
Forgive us, Old ManI watched this video and cried. I cried because I could not walk next to this brave old man, to let him know he was not alone, that there are at least two of us.

I cried from shame for the veterans because Ukraine is under the fascist’s boot again. Regardless of what they call themselves and what type of footwear they have, they trample our glory and dignity, our friendship and kinship.

I cried from terror and pain, because every day someone gets killed in my land, and they spare neither women nor children.

I cried because I see the face of this boy who was standing in the doorway window of the House of Trade Unions, not knowing that soon he would be burned alive along with his mother and brother.

Forgive us, Old Man

I cried remembering how 300 Zaporozie Spartans were standing in protest in front of the furious beasts … How they were standing, Old Man, proud and brave! "These" threw rottenness at them, but they were so beautiful and courageous under the hail of debris flying at them. And nobody lowered his head.

They are your grandchildren, Old Man! Not by blood, but by spirit.They would go with you, I'm sure. They would go into the battle with you. Forgive them, that they did not walk on Parade with you.

Forgive us, Old Man

You are not alone, Old Man. That day in Zaporozie, you were the most courageous man.

You will see, we are going to celebrate the Victory again this year. And you, Old Man, will walk on our beautiful Lenin’s Avenue, along with new heroes.

In the meantime, forgive us that it was the Parade of One Veteran in Zaporozie – your personal Parade, Old Man.

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